Top Ten Things On My Reading Wish List


Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist 


1. Time Travel - I like the idea of more books with time travel done in an unusual or quirky way. 

2. The 1920′s - I love this period in history but I would like to see books show the darker side of this period.

3. Gaming - I would like to see more books playing around with the idea of gaming culture but in a fun or unusual way. 

4. Unusual Fairy Tales - I would like to see retellings of more obscure fairy tales rather than just Cinderella etc.

5. Books using the same world but completely different characters –  I love it when authors use the same setting but create characters in a different context or part of the world etc.


1. More diversity when drawing on myths and legends - while I often enjoy stories that retell classic myths and fairy tales, I am beginning to get a little bored of repeated uses of the same Greek and Roman myths. There is a wide, rich world of literature out there to be explored and retold but I think writers often get stuck on using the same inspirations. Which I guess is the same as Alisa’s fourth choice but a point worth making is worth making twice!

2. Unique historical mystery settings - there are plenty of great mystery settings out there but I’m greedy and I could always do with a few more. Give me fascinating mysteries set in interesting periods like Phryne Fisher’s 1920s Australia, Sano Ichiro’s feudal Japan or Easy Rawlin’s postwar America.

3. Another comicbook series to love - my favorite comic book series, Fables, is coming to an end in early 2015 so the hunt is now on for another series I will enjoy as much as those. I know there will already be some out there, I just need to find them!

4. More classic series Doctor Who novels - the BBC is reissuing some out of print Virgin Missing Adventure Doctor Who novels that feature past Doctors but I’d love to see more new works from established science fiction writers like last year’s Harvest of Time or The Wheel in Space in addition to stories featuring the current/new Doctor.

5. To be surprised - a big part of the reason I hit a reading rut last year, in addition to the long commute, was that I picked up several books in a row that were clearly predicated on a twist or shock moment that I could see coming from very, very early on in the novel. I do maintain that books don’t need a shocking twist to be entertaining but if you’re going to try to pull one off, at least don’t give it away through it being cliched or easy to predict – say by suddenly switching the narrative style in a series…

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26 thoughts on “Top Ten Things On My Reading Wish List

  1. Great list, guys! I really do like Alise’s #5, exploring different characters within the same world. I believe that recent releases Not a Drop to Drink and These Broken Stars are both supposed to have companion novels like that, and then there’s Diana Peterfreund’s For Darkness Shows the Stars and Across a Star-Swept Sea that did that.

  2. I love the lists. After finishing Shadow & Bone I read the mini books based on other characters. My favorite was The Witch of Duva. I also love the Grisha series for the myths and legends they use because they are fresh and new for me.

    Time travel would be really cool to read about and so would gaming!

  3. Great lists! I would definitely love more unusual fairy tale retellings, as well as more diversity in the myths and legends categories. And more diverse historical sites would also be intriguing. :D Happy Tuesday!

    My TTT

  4. OOoh nice! I’d think you might enjoy Grim. I just finished it today and while there are some twists to the classic fairy tales–some really good twists! There are also twists to the lesser known ones like The Princess in Disguise! I loved that tale as a child and the retelling was a very good Grimm retelling! Dark and twisted!

    Here’s my Tuesday post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Alisa – I love companion novels so much, too. I get very sick of series, and often will just read the first book, and stop there, even if I loved the first book. But companion novels, however, I love!! I lets me experience the same amazing setting, but meet new characters.

  6. Great lists! I was also going to mention The Diviners – I think Libba Bray does an excellent job portraying the 1920s in a new (and scary) way. And I would love more unique historical settings, too – definitely feudal Japan for sure!

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