Picture Me Reading Roundup: The Return of Sherlock


On the blog this week: Hey everyone, hope your had a great week. I had another incredibly busy one, so once again I fell a bit behind on bloggyness. I am still trying to catch up with blogs and comments so bear with me!


Book Review: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Interrupted Tale by Maryrose Wood

Graphic Novel Review: The Legends of the Dark Crystal: The Garthim Wars


Top Ten Tuesday: Things On My Reading List

Weekly Highlights:

In honor of the return of Sherlock here are some of my favorite fanart pictures on the inter-nuts.

Sherlock and Watson, thought this was funny.

I think this perfectly capture’s Sherlock’s personality.

Miniature of Sherlock’s living room done in an altoid box.

Feature and Follow: Who is your blogger BFF?


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Q: Who is your blogger BFF?

This is hard because it feels weird just to pick one so I am totally going to cheat and tell you about several bloggers I have loved getting to know. I am not including my husband because he is definitely my best friend in the whole world and nothing makes me happier than the time I get with him as you all know LOL I gush enough about him ;>

1. Bookish Whimsy- I have known her for a long time and we have lots of interests in common including a love of Jane Eyre. She is seriously one of the most awesome people I have ever talked to and I think you should check out her blog A.S.A.P! She also has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh.

2. Quinn’s Book Nook- Quinn is one of my favorite people to talk to and we share a love of Austeny related things and period dramas, plus she loves Pride and Prejudice as much as I love Jane Eyre. Her blog is awesome and I think she always picks out the best books! I really have loved getting to know her and I think you should to because she rocks.

3. Absurdly Nerdly- Jami is just cool, no other way to describe her! She has great taste in books, movies, television and art. She is just really fun and interesting to talk to, she is extremely intelligent. I miss her being on our podcasts, she always has something insightful to say about books and reading.

Thank you for coming to visit! I love meeting new book bloggers and getting great new book recommendations! If you follow me I promise to visit your blog and follow back!

Graphic Novel Review: The Legends of The Dark Crystal: The Garthim Wars Volume I. by Barbara Randall Kesel


TitleThe Legends of The Dark Crystal: The Garthim Wars by Barbara Randall KeselLegends_of_the_Dark_Crystal_Vol_1

Blurb: This much-anticipated original prequel to Jim Henson’s fantasy masterpiece is set 100 years before “The Dark Crystal,” the groundbreaking film that won the hearts and minds of fans all over the world, and set the stage for the new age of muppet-making. Available March 2007.

Things I liked:

  • I liked that it was a prequel to the film Dark Crystal and featured new characters/plot line.
  • I think they did a great job in keeping to the original story and mythology of the film.
  • It is such an interesting setting and I loved seeing familiar characters such as the Skesis.

Things I disliked:

  • The plot of the first graphic novel is a bit slow and mostly is establishing the world. I am looking more forward to second installment in which they are going to attempt to save the Gelflings from the Skeksis.
  • It felt slightly too derivative of the original story, especially in the choice of protagonists.

Favorite Moment:


I think the battle between the Gelflings and the Garthim was well done, especially how well it emphasis how small the Gelflings are in comparision to their enemies. I also liked the debate between the Gelflings about the use of violence to defend themselves, because naturally they are a peaceful tribe.

What I thought of the art style:


The style had a manga feeling to it but at the same time it definitely is very detailed especially when styling the Skesis and their elaborate costumes. I wish it had been in color but they still manage to include a lot of details in black and white.


I am a HUGE Jim Henson fan so when I found out there was going to be a series of prequel stories set in the world of the Dark Crystal I was very excited. I always wished there had been more fantasy films done by the Henson company in this style but alas it will never be! This was a good introduction to the series and I really liked the Gelfling characters from the first panel. I appreciated as well that this is a unique story in it’s own right, though the main characters are a bit too similar to the protagonists in the film. However it is rather slow paced and not much happens in this first volume. I do wonder how it will end for the characters because by the point the film begins all the Gelfling characters have been wiped out nearly by the Skesis.  Still I am definitely interested in continuing with the series and will be reading/reviewing the next volume.

Final Thoughts:


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Top Ten Things On My Reading Wish List


Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist 


1. Time Travel - I like the idea of more books with time travel done in an unusual or quirky way. 

2. The 1920′s - I love this period in history but I would like to see books show the darker side of this period.

3. Gaming - I would like to see more books playing around with the idea of gaming culture but in a fun or unusual way. 

4. Unusual Fairy Tales - I would like to see retellings of more obscure fairy tales rather than just Cinderella etc.

5. Books using the same world but completely different characters –  I love it when authors use the same setting but create characters in a different context or part of the world etc.


1. More diversity when drawing on myths and legends - while I often enjoy stories that retell classic myths and fairy tales, I am beginning to get a little bored of repeated uses of the same Greek and Roman myths. There is a wide, rich world of literature out there to be explored and retold but I think writers often get stuck on using the same inspirations. Which I guess is the same as Alisa’s fourth choice but a point worth making is worth making twice!

2. Unique historical mystery settings - there are plenty of great mystery settings out there but I’m greedy and I could always do with a few more. Give me fascinating mysteries set in interesting periods like Phryne Fisher’s 1920s Australia, Sano Ichiro’s feudal Japan or Easy Rawlin’s postwar America.

3. Another comicbook series to love - my favorite comic book series, Fables, is coming to an end in early 2015 so the hunt is now on for another series I will enjoy as much as those. I know there will already be some out there, I just need to find them!

4. More classic series Doctor Who novels - the BBC is reissuing some out of print Virgin Missing Adventure Doctor Who novels that feature past Doctors but I’d love to see more new works from established science fiction writers like last year’s Harvest of Time or The Wheel in Space in addition to stories featuring the current/new Doctor.

5. To be surprised - a big part of the reason I hit a reading rut last year, in addition to the long commute, was that I picked up several books in a row that were clearly predicated on a twist or shock moment that I could see coming from very, very early on in the novel. I do maintain that books don’t need a shocking twist to be entertaining but if you’re going to try to pull one off, at least don’t give it away through it being cliched or easy to predict – say by suddenly switching the narrative style in a series…

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Book Review: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Interrupted Tale by Maryrose Wood


Final Thoughts:


Title: The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Intterrupted Tale 

Author:  Maryrose Wood

Published: Published December 17th 2013 by Balzer + Bray

Blurb: In The Interrupted Tale, Miss Penelope Lumley receives an invitation to speak at the annual Celebrate Alumnae Knowledge Exposition (or CAKE) at the Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females. Optoomuchstic as ever, Penelope hopes to give her CAKE talk, see some old friends, and show off the Incorrigible children to Miss Mortimer, but instead she finds her beloved school in an uproar.

And when Penelope is asked by the Swanburne Academy board of trustees to demonstrate the academic progress of her three wolfish students so the board can judge the true worth of a Swanburne education, the future of her alma mater–and of her job as governess to the Incorrigibles–hangs in the balance.

If you like this book you might like:

Both of these are for older readers but Etiquette and Espionage also features a really fun and whimsical school location while Death of a Schoolgirl is a mystery in which Jane Eyre investigates a murder at a girls’ school.

Picture Me Reading Roundup: Also Known As, Finnikin of the Rock and Pretty Little Liars


On the blog this week: Hey everyone! I hope you had a great week. I unfortunately have caught the plague again!!! So I am bit on sneezy side today, hopefully I will be feeling better soon. So we did another discussion this week about some books and television shows that we enjoyed this week.


Book Review: Also Known As by Robin Benway

Book Review: Finnikin Of The Rock by Melina Marchetta

Graphic Novel Review: Jane Eyre, The Fox and Me by Fanny Brit

Picture Me Reading A Year In Review: The Best Of 2013


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend)

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Things I Did In 2013

Weekly Highlights:

I thought this was SO cute. A proposal in which the guy re-enacted all of ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Yep, this guy is definitely a keeper!

This is not book related but I thought this was pretty awesome a Star Trek fan redid her entire house to look like the original series of Star Trek! Yep, that is taking fandom to a new level!!

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend)


Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014 (bookish, not bookish or a blend)


1. Work Ahead - This is both a blog based goal and IRL goal. I would like to work ahead more, because I tend to procrastinate and that always ends up stressing me out. 

2.  Reserve a segment of each day for reading-  Right now with my long commute the time I reserved for reading is taken up with driving home so I want to find more time to read because I miss it. 

3.  Spend More Quality Time With My Husband- I was so excited to get to spend the holidays with Aidan and I want to find more time to spend with him doing things we find fun. 

4.  Go to more Bookish Events and Festivals- I probably won’t be able to afford to go to any in early 2014 but I hopefully will be able to in the soon future because I love them! 

5.  Read 150 books- I read 100 this year which I am proud of but I want to read even more next year!


1. Read 250 books - it sounds like a lot but I read so many short novels and listen to so many audiobooks that I easily met that goal this year. I’d like to repeat though and possibly broaden my horizons to listen to a wider array of material.

2. Get Back Into the Swing of Blogging - this would be number one except I feel I am already making some progress on this. I have recently started blogging again at my Doctor Who blog, Chair With A Panda, and I have been able to start aligning my reading with Alisa’s once again. The big sub-goal here though is to record more audio reviews together – we both loved doing that and that’s been the hardest thing to arrange lately.

3. Go Back to YallFest - pretty self-explanatory. We had a marvelous time in 2013 and I really, really want to make it back there this year!

4. Learn Another Language - I am really awfully bad at learning languages. How I ever passed my German and Latin GCSEs I’ll never know but I can say I have retained very, very little of whatever I learned. Still, I really would like to be able to speak or at least understand another language. I may never be fluent but I can at least try…

5. Write That Book - do I think I’ll really do this? No. But I am getting closer to pushing myself to try. My biggest problem has always been getting to the point of completing a first draft. I start writing and then my total lack of writing confidence sets in and I find myself pouring back over what I’ve already written to edit. Still, I like to think I have an idea of what I’d like to write and hopefully I’ll be able to grit my teeth and just put something – anything – on paper.

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